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Rapid Fire Updates - August 2021

IGR21-22 Land of Low Value Post-Affidavit Process and Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure M.G.L. c.60, §79 provides a simpler and faster method for municipalities to foreclose on lots of low value than the ordinary foreclosure process through Land Court. In IGR21-22, the Division of Local Services describes this administrative foreclosure process once the Commissioner of Revenue’s affidavit is obtained. It also describes the process to accept deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

MassDOT Chapter 90 Program Municipal Guidance Document MassDOT has issued an updated guide for the allocation and use of state funds that are distributed to municipalities for local transportation upgrades, “Chapter 90” money. It covers topics from how the program works, eligible expenses, and project planning and implementation. Check it out.


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