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Town Election Season and Voting by Mail

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Early voting can impose an administrative burden on city and town clerks, particularly for smaller municipalities. Remember that pursuant to Ch. 92 of the Acts of 2022, Section 10, cities and towns may opt out of early voting by mail for municipal elections that are not on the same day as state or federal primaries or elections. G.L. c. 54, § 25B(a)(1) provides that to opt out, not less than 45 days before the municipal election, the select board, town council, or city council must hold a public hearing and a “recorded and public vote.” Voters may still apply for absentee ballots.

Municipal election season is just around the corner. If your town or city clerk is interested in this option, be sure to hold the public hearing in enough time for the vote to be effective.


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