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Rapid Fire Updates - October 2021

IGR 21-24 “Property Tax Exemptions for Solar Powered, Wind Powered, Fuel Cell Powered and Energy Storage Systems”

Ch. 8 of the Acts of 2021 made significant changes to the tax assessment of solar power, wind power, fuel cell, and energy storage systems. The Division of Local Services has issued a new IGR to assist municipalities in interpreting these new provisions and whether PILOT agreements are appropriate.

Guidance on the Manufacture and Sale of Hemp and Hemp-derived Products

The Department of Agricultural Resources has issued several new guidance and policy updates relative to M.G.L. c.94G, § 2. You may be interested in the Guidance on Selling Hemp and Hemp-derived Products to Marijuana Establishments, the 2021 Hemp Processor Policy, the updated Policy Statement Regarding the Sale of Hemp-derived Products in the Commonwealth, and the FAQs: Sale of Hemp to Licensed Marijuana Establishments.


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