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Rapid Fire Updates - January 2021

USEPA Finalizes Modifications to MS4 Permit

The USEPA has announced that previously proposed modifications to its

NPDES general permit for municipal stormwater discharges (the “MS4 permit”)

have been finalized; the final revised permit and appendices are available on

the USEPA Region 1 website. These modifications to the 2016 permit

were proposed in April 2020, after litigation challenging the permit was settled

in December 2019. According to the Federal Register notice, the modifications

have been finalized almost exactly as proposed in April, as had been widely

anticipated. The most notable aspect of this announcement may be simply the

availability of the final permit documents, which are far more convenient to use

than the previously available documents showing only the proposed


Running for Municipal Office? Remember This

All municipal candidates who appear on a ballot must file campaign finance

reports even if they spend only their own money or no money. The forms

should be filed with the Town Clerk.


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