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Brian Bertram is the New Chair of our Energy Practice Group

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Bryan Bertram is the new chair of the firm’s

Energy Practice Group. Many of our clients are already familiar with Bryan’s

work advocating for local interests in the siting and permitting of energy

facilities before the Energy Facilities Siting Board, Department of Public

Utilities and Department of Environmental Protection. He is eager to continue

his work on behalf of those clients and to advocate for others on matters of

energy policy, regulation, facilities siting, and permitting.

Bryan is a graduate of Boston College Law School and has over a decade of

legal experience, in both matters of energy and administrative law. He has

previously represented private industry, state government and now

municipalities on various energy-related matters. He has done so before

administrative agencies and in courts, including in matters of siting, permitting,

agency investigations, rate-setting, and rulemakings. Bryan thus offers a broad

knowledge base for advising our clients, with experience in the many forums in

which energy-related issues arise, and unique insights into the motivations of

the private entities and other governmental actors that affect local interests.

As energy technology evolves and the need for energy infrastructure and

facilities expands, we expect that our Energy Practice’s expertise will

increasingly be needed to ensure that local decision-making reflects the

increasingly complex set of regulatory demands and that local interests are

properly weighed in state and federal decision-making and policy. Bryan is

looking forward to taking a leadership role in bringing our firm’s deep and

varied expertise to bear, whether acting in partnership with other entities or

advocating for local interests when others seek to devalue them.

Bryan looks forward to getting your energy law questions and helping devise

strategies for addressing your current and emerging needs.

When not practicing law, Bryan enjoys supporting his children’s youth sports

exploits, and freely admits that, while qualified to coach his younger son’s

soccer team, his golf abilities leave him best suited as a caddy to his older son.

Bryan also enjoys time in the outdoors, including hiking through many of the

local conservation areas and searching for the best local fishing spots.


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